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Big, bad beetles cower before us in Anthill, the iPhone game app


We won’t lie to ya — it’s a rough world outside the friendly confines of Anthill Central. Tough characters shadow us at every turn. Beetles. Wasps. Tax assessors.

Fortunately, we have hard-nosed brethren among the Formicidae ready to stand up to the nasties and blaze a pheromone path we all can follow. Many of them appear in an iPhone/iPad game called Anthill — Tactical Trail Defense. It was developed by some Swedish lads in a company called Image & Form (not the most imaginative name, we admit; but their hearts are in the right place). The 2.0 version of the game arrived Thursday.

Soldier ants protect the hill and the worker ants, who can be directed to bring home vanquished bugs for dinner (hey, it’s the law of the garden). Our winged relatives stand ready to carpet-bomb the bad guys. It’s all a slam-bang riot of fun.

Huh. Perhaps the outside world isn’t so bad after all.

Anthill iOS game

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