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Be curious and fail until you succeed. It’s the Seth Godin mantra [VIDEO]


In this interview with Bryan Elliot, Seth Godin talks about work, opportunities and failures.

While Godin may be an icon in the world of leadership, startups and innovation, he’s had his fair share of failures.

He shares some of those, including the time he invented a video of a fish tank, in what was essentially the precursor to the fish-tank screen savers. It failed, but you know what, he was still ahead of his time.

Godin explains that whoever fails the most is ultimately the winner, because even if you fail, you still get to play the game. And, each time you start to play again, you’ve got the knowledge and experience from the previous failures to help you. Eventually, you will win.

He is promoting his book Poke the Box, which is an 85 page permission slip to have a go, fail and, have another go.

Godin, as always, shares some gems about what it takes to deal with the opportunities we are given.

Plus, he explains why his book has no title on its cover.

Seth Godin: Fail until you succeed


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