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Jen freely admits that she's been doing this digital thing for a very long time (far too long to type the number out loud). She has worked in startups, ASX listed companies and had a dabble in agencyland. Jen is the CMO and Practice Lead of Melbourne-based a boutique innovation consultancy. She is the Co-Founder of Interactive Minds, the digital networking and thought leadership event in Queensland. Jen joined Anthill as Editor in February 2012. If you want to contact Jen, connect with her on LinkedIn or friend her here.

Got a good story to tell? How a compelling story can change the world

Australians, as a people and a corporate community, are generous. In times of need, we give. We give locally, we give nationally and internationally. Yet one company, The Royals, a Melbourne-based creative agency, wanted to do more than just make a financial contribution to their charities of choice.

Bears! Hunters! Salty language! It’s time for another choose-your-own-adventure ad

You might recall the first interactive YouTube ad from Tipp-Ex, you know, the correcting tape that you use if you still bother to hand write. First time round, the Bear and Hunter ads got something like 50 million views on YouTube. The choose-your-own-adventure nature of the ads made them a repeat experience for many. Well, they're back.

Why Coke wins, every time, when it comes to branding and making customers happy...

When it comes to branding and creating customer engagement, Coke wins. Every time. You know what to expect; the colours, the swirls, the shape of the bottle. You also have an expectation around what the brand experience is going to be. It's one of the few companies in the world that can create this kind of brand experience.

Cooler than a Pebble watch? Check out the latest wearable social device [VIDEO]

The amazing success of Pebble watch got the team at Anthill thinking. What could possibly be the next big thing in wearable, social devices? And by chance, I think we've stumbled across it. The LkeBelt is the physical manifestation of a Facebook like. You have to ask yourself, why didn't anyone think of this before?

How selling my microbusiness differed from selling Instagram; I didn’t get a call from...

A “micro” is any business that turns over less than $250K a year, so the business I sold this week most definitely falls into that category! Instagram, it was not. So, in celebration of the HUGE gap between the sale price of my business and how much Instagram's Kevin Systrom made last week, here are three things I learnt from selling my micro-business.

Is this the coolest thing since the iPhone? Pebble raises a crazy amount of...

Pebble began its Kickstarter campaign on April 11. The target investment was $100,000. Within 28 hours, more than $1 million had been raised. Four days later, the tally has just clocked over $2.7 million. Could Pebble become the coolest thing since the iPhone?

Is this the best use of Twitter yet? ASCII Art takes on a whole...

Are you old enough to remember the hilarity of ASCII art in plain text chat services? You know, using just the characters on your keyboard to create a funny, or rude (gasp!), image within the chat stream? Well, add ASCII art to a Twitter stream and some magic happens.

Why introverts make great entrepreneurs [VIDEO]

Well, why wouldn't they? There's nothing wrong with being an introvert. There has been recent research about mavericks, or extroverts, being more likely to be entrepreneurs. Yet, the introverted entrepreneur is not as rare as you might think.

All these connections are making me lonely; is social media killing the art of...

Have you stopped to think about how social media has changed your behaviour, and the way you interact with others? This TED presentation, by Sherry Turkle from MIT, asks many questions and, challenges you to be honest with your answers.

Google Goggles: Just how annoying can technology be? [VIDEO]

Many commentators have been impressed by the new Google Glasses, saying that Facebook and Apple should be worried about the potential of this potential game-changing technology. But aren't we already distracted enough?

Why social media is the digital campfire of our times; gather round and hear...

Never one to shy away from the changes technology can bring to your life, master magician Marco Tempest steps up, again, to integrate the latest augmented reality into a magic routine. In doing so, he explains the simple tenants of storytelling and how being unexpected brings delightful results.

Confessions of an email marketer: how I learnt to bore customers in one simple...

Talk to anyone who does email marketing for long enough, and the confessions begin to surface. We've all made mistakes. Come on, you can admit it here. We don't judge! Yet there is a real sin in email marketing. One so bad, that this perpetrator could not even show his face on camera.

3 simple steps to getting a meeting with just about any CEO [VIDEO]

We've already brought you the chestnut of wisdom that is the Gaddie Pitch. Now, here are the three simple steps to securing a meeting with just about anyone you want to do business with. We know it works because, well, Antony Gaddie used it to get a meeting with our very own Mr James Tuckerman.

Google Maps finally catering for one of the most popular computer systems ever sold...

It's been a long time coming. Google have finally embraced one of the most popular computer systems ever sold, the Nintendo Entertainment System, or...

Atlassian releases Pair Programming, the next synergistic paradigm in programming [VIDEO]

Pair Programming is the latest synergistic paradigm to emerge from the interwebs. Without it, your company is not achieving core productivity levels or achieving exponential growth potentials. Internet superheroes, Atlassian have cornered the market and launched the first, easy to use guide to this revolutionary coding technique.

Scoop: New Apple TV to launch in six months! [VIDEO]

Now firmly installed as the new chief at Mashable, Conan shows his real power. He gets the scoop of 2012 by stealing the latest prototype from Apple. Behold, the Apple TV! Apparently, it's set to hit the market within six months.

Tired of watching YouTube online? Try the complete YouTube collection, now available on DVD...

No more having to wait for buffering with your patchy download, you can watch your YouTube videos instantly, direct from your shiny, new DVD collection!
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