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The co-founder of one of the most fabled start-ups ever, Apple, also urged the global industry to harness global talent, saying diversity brings so much more to the table.

Many businesses dread this time of the year because the end of the financial year means additional time spent ensuring accounts are up-to-date and...

So who didn’t see this coming? Still, Pozible may have surprised itself with the speed and scale of its success as Gyenno One, maker of a smart wristband, met its targeted 10,000 yuan within a minute of its launch.

The quirky social enterprise, is betting you can’t keep your hand off the phone. Still, it’s a win-win situation. If go crawling back to your smartphone, you still win by paying up for a good cause. And, if you kick the habit, you win by really connecting with friends and family.

Days ago, StartupAUS’s Crossroads report detailed chinks in Australia’s start-up ecosystem, calling for a major overhaul if the nation is to catch up with global leaders. Now Microsoft is calling for a transition to an information-age innovation ecosystem.

StartupAUS’s Crossroad report, based on an expert analysis, says the nation lags such nations as Israel, South Korea and the United States, while calling on the government to act now.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was just a guy with an idea. Everyone has the ability to come up with ideas but having one isn’t enough. It’s only a starting point. You need more than just an ‘Aha’ moment and a lightbulb above your head. Ideas need nourishment, teamwork and execution to come to life.

IntelligenceBank, a software start-up that helps enterprises move to the cloud, has opened its online store, delivering on a $2 million funding round last November to build a compelling online sales channel.

See-Out is developing Ceeq, a visual search product that it believes will mark a fundamental shift in protection of trademarks and brands in the modern electronic era. Its early product is a web-based visual search engine that can scan over 18 million trademark searches and examinations.

The average Australian executive salary in 2013 fell below the critical $200,000 level, according to the research firm Ipsos MediaCT. The decline – from...

Banking on Google Glass? Pocketbook – which lets users aggregate your finances in one app – thinks innovation in banking will revolve around Glass, among other things. The start-up says it has begun working with cutting-edge technology around Glass.

Freelancers and freelance jobs are soaring in Australia, according to the American freelance jobs site Elance. This will hardly come as a surprise to anybody. After all, the recent phenomenon is driven by two seemingly inexorable forces – individuals seeking freedom and flexibility in their jobs, and businesses seeking much the same, besides the opportunity to tap a larger talent pool.

Do Australian businesses really face a leadership crisis? Or do they simply think there is a crisis? That’s a googly, delivered by management gurus at rogenSI, an American consultancy whose origins lie off Broadway.

MYOB’s Business Monitor – a national survey of small and medium business owners and managers – has found that more and more Australian SMEs are using more and more online technologies to run their businesses. If that’s the cup half full, consider the one half empty: Simultaneously, the survey found a growing divide between the online-savvy businesses and the online laggards.

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit, a four-year-old grouping seeking to tap energies of younger business leaders in the advanced economies, comes to Australia for the first time this year. The high-profile event, scheduled for 19-21 July in Sydney, offers a rare opportunity for young entrepreneurs to shape the agenda of the G20 countries. The deadline to enter and participate in the event as a delegate is March 31.

So, Occasional Butler brought you the best, and most competitive, bids to do your garden, or maybe, clean your carpet – tasks that seem horribly challenging in today’s world and one that we simply can’t live without. Now add peace of mind to the smorgasbord of butler services.

For the past six years, the husband-and-wife duo of Lachlan and Lisa Laing has run Sustainable Man, a company focused on renewable energy products and services for the home. Now the two have developed a ‘green’ nappy that will, perhaps, take man closer toward the, eventually, fully biodegradable one.

The study found that Performance Display ads – intelligent, personalised ads driven primarily by user behaviour and preferences – have a large market, attract richer users and don’t compete with search-based ads.

It was Shoply Limited's (ASX:SHP) second acquisition over the past month and its fifth in 10 months. With the WowBaby deal, the Melbourne company racing to assemble a bouquet of ecommerce sites enters a third major retail category, adding to homewares and home electronics.

SSUCM3, of SeaChange StartUp Camp Merimbula 3, will, literally, be held on a beach – Pambula Surf Life Saving Club, where participants can check their mails via a Wi-fi network as easily as hit the surf.




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