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What is Anthill? It's a business magazine. What’s it about? It's about innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid business growth. Until Anthill was launched in September 2003, the bulk of existing business titles in Australia were mainly concerned with issues of relevance to small/micro businesses or large corporations (one or the other). Anthill was developed to bridge this gap, appealing to highly innovative and ambitious ‘fast’ growth businesses - SMEs with rapid growth potential and larger companies that realise the value of reinvention to stay ahead. It does not focus on the traditional ‘nuts and bolts’ of business development (although this is a key element of editorial content), but instead it highlights the inspiring thrills, spills, trials and tribulations of business development and rapid commercial growth. Business can and should be fun, right!

There are more than a million solo business owners in Australia. If you are one of them, check out

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An intriguing short film about numbers. All of them.

Numbers have been at the core of human understanding and evolution since before Pythagoras was geeking out in 6th Century BC Greece. This classy short film captures the essential role numbers play at all levels of life. It was named one of the 50 finalists in the 'Nikon festival: Your Day in 140 seconds' contest.

MINI Cooper’s mainstreet marketing campaign thinks INSIDE the box

The team behind this recent Mini Cooper campaign have taken outdoor advertising to a whole new level: They've taken it down a notch. In what could possibly be described as 3D, ground-level advertising (we're open to suggestions), Dutch agency Ubachswisbrun/JWT created this 'visual piece' to demonstrate the compact nature of the MINI. We're always impressed by memorable marketing.

IBISWorld identifies Australia’s top 10 growth industries to 2015

With Australia’s economy now well and truly on the rebound, the next five years are set to deliver strong growth in many sectors. And growth, of course, delivers job and investment opportunities.

Public feedback sought for proposed Federal R&D Tax Concession changes

As part of the Federal Government’s dramatic overhaul of its commercialisation program, now called Commercialisation Australia, the R&D Tax Concession will replace the R&D Tax Credit from 1 July, 2010.

Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with ‘Ask the Butcher’ iPhone app

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its 'Ask The Butcher' iPhone App.

Angels descend on South Australia in February!

Anthill magazine is proud to support the forthcoming Australian Association of Angel Investors Ltd 2010 Conference, to be held at the Stamford Hotel, Glenelg, South Australia in Febraury.

Social Media’s BIG year — An illustrated video retrospective

2009 was the year that graphic sketch videos -- brief clips using slickly produced animations to explain new products or complicated concepts -- came of age.

Can Obama transform the US into the world’s clean tech nirvana?

US President Barack Obama is hoping to pull his nation out of its economic funk by turning it into a "green machine". But he faces an uphill battle transforming his land of opportunity and hyper-consumption in the face of entrenched interests, scepticism and inertia. However, there is cause for hope. As this report from The SMH's Washington correspondent Anne Davies reveals, Californian venture capital firms are hot for clean tech.

Successful angel talks about investing in Twitter.

In this clip from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, angel investors Ron Conway and Mike Naples answer the question, "Would you invest in someone...

Risk & Reward: Base jumpers leap from world’s new tallest building (oh, again)

The only way humans can top building a structure like the Burj Khalif is to jump off it. And that's exactly what seasoned base jumpers Omar Al Hegelan and Nasser Al Neyadi did this week, leaping from a height of 672 metres and free-falling for over 10 seconds then parachuting a further 30-40 seconds. The tower stands 828 metres high.

Student entrepreneurial challenge champion announced

The pre-Christmas chaos may have meant you missed the announcement of the overall winner of the 2009 John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge (JHEC) in Melbourne. The award was granted to the Double Tamper Guard team from Swinburne University of Technology.

Your votes are in. So what was Australia’s dumbest business decision for 2009?

Clearly, iSnack 2.0 and Westpac's banana smoothies left a strange taste in your mouth, while Mars and the Liberal Party delivered a wrong'un with their spin. Readers who don't take the world too seriously agreed with our pre-emptive request (to not take the report too seriously), while Virgin's black email generated enough annoyance to equal the sinking of Storm. Jackson Jive shimmied in to score your number eight vote, while the social media attempts of the big brands to attract your clicks failed to inspire you (once again). The Myer float scored the least votes at number 10 (perhaps due to the number of people who now own their own special parcel of this prestigious accolade).

Bionic Eye within sight for Monash following Federal grant

Just prior to Christmas, Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, announced that Monash V1sion had been awarded grant assistance from the Australian Research Council to develop the Bionic Eye.

Online Marketing by Design… comes to Sydney! (Digital Marketing Masterclass)

If you are serious about growing your business through online marketing, Anthill is pleased to announce that it has extended the run of its sell-out event series, Online Marketing by Design, to include Sydney. This event is a must for any growing business with a desire to improve the performance of its web marketing and gain a firm understanding of social media tools for business.

Are you seeking venture capital for 2010?

During this two hour seminar and networking event, attendees will learn from five of Australia’s leading experts on venture capital and business development - real investors, currently seeking investment opportunities, and successful entrepreneurs, who have ‘been there’ and secured private funding for their growing companies.

The 10 Dumbest Business Moments for 2009. It’s time to vote!

Two weeks ago, we asked our readers to help us assemble our annual Dumb Report, a selection of Australian goofs, gaffs and groaners from...

Wales offers free 12 months office and support packages for Australian tech companies expanding...

Promising Australian technology companies seeking lower-risk entry to UK and European markets are being offered up to 12 months free accommodation in Welsh innovation centres in a new 'try before you buy' initiative.

Check out Stanford’s avant-garde iPhone Orchestra

What do tech-head muso students do in their spare time? Well the ones at Stanford University in California started an orchestra in which every member has the same instrument with the capacity to produce a near limitless variety of sound. As you can see in this excellent New York Times video profile (read the accompanying article here), the end result is avant-guarde to say the least (think Yo Yo Ma on LSD).




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...