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Australian tech company shakes up global amusement park and leisure industries


ROLLER‘s cloud-based software platform is redefining the way people attend and spend at amusement and leisure venues around the world. With offices in Melbourne, London, and LA, ROLLER is now processing tens of millions of dollars of bookings per month in a staggering 15 countries. From humble beginnings, it’s clear that this Australian tech company is hitting its stride and is now making a truly global impact.

“ROLLER is the all-in-one software platform offering new-age digital solutions to ticketing, POS, CRM, and waivers, right through to hardware, gift cards and web development for the entertainment and leisure venues. We have invested heavily in building flexible and scalable technology, which allows us to serve several industry verticals including; theme parks, trampoline parks, museums, zoos, festivals, ski fields, water parks on a global scale” said ROLLER CEO, Luke Finn.

ROLLER recently announced their strategic partnership with Fairfax Media. As part of the deal, ROLLER now acts as the exclusive booking technology for the Fairfax Events portfolio, including Good Food Month, Open Air Cinemas, Kidtopia and The AFR Business Summit and attracts millions of attendees every year.

Now, the cloud-based online booking platform is in operation at some of the world’s most iconic amusement and leisure venues, including Coney Island Luna Park in New York, Scenic World, Aussie World, Adventure Park and Twin Lakes in the UK.

Luke Finn
Luke Finn

What has ROLLER been up to lately?

A true display of innovation in closing a market gap, ROLLER has been operating for six years flying under the radar whilst building their enterprise platform. While they honed their offering on smaller Melbourne based venues, they’ve quickly grown into a team of 40 with a wide international presence. ROLLER has also now become the leading ticketing system for Trampoline Parks in the UK.

RollerIMG3_TrampPark (1)Steve Murphy, the Group Operations manager of Jump Arena trampoline parks in the UK, has been using ROLLER since 2016 and hasn’t looked back. “I can say without any doubt that the ROLLER platform is by far the most user-friendly, reliable, relevant and fully editable operating system I have used. We have this system now in all of our trampoline parks, it’s very easy to use, easy to train new staff and transferring over from our previous system was simple, quick and without problems. I would highly recommend this system and the team of support staff are fantastic,” concluded Murphy.

“The demand in these spaces continues to grow and the legacy solutions are not fit for a mobile, cloud first world. Our mission is to empower operators with seamless digital solutions to enable a superior customer experience. With a relentless commitment to innovation, we aim to pioneer the market and continually bring the newest technology to a global industry which has until now been starved of advancements” concluded Finn.

The ROLLER team
The ROLLER team

A company who plans to solidify themselves as a major player in the Australian tech industry, ROLLER, are only just getting started, with their sights set on further global expansion and updates to suit even the most niche of business offerings.