Atlassian releases Pair Programming, the next synergistic paradigm in programming [VIDEO]

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Atlassian releases Pair Programming, the next synergistic paradigm in programming [VIDEO]

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Pair Programming is the latest synergistic paradigm to emerge from the interwebs. Without it, your company is not achieving core productivity levels or achieving exponential growth potentials.

Internet superheroes, Atlassian have cornered the market and launched the first, easy to use guide to this revolutionary coding technique.

While you may have embraced Forking Code, to ensure that your developers are on top of their game. But without moving to Pair Programming, you are simply not meeting the requirements for company operating in 2012.

The key to effective Pair Programming is spooning; without it, your coding team are lacking the drive to make your company great.

Key attributes to consider: This is a cracking April Fool’s video.
Plus t-shirts are also available.

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