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At some point in life, you will die. Tim Minchin’s brilliant de-motivational speech [VIDEO]


In a world full of useless folklore and a well-meaning-yet-inherently-flawed conventional wisdom about motivation and life, this presentation is utterly refreshing.

Here, Australian musician comedian artist guy (and fellow ginger*) Tim Minchin, gives an Occasional Address to the graduating folk at the University of Western Australia.

Tim shares such pragmatic wit and wisdom, like how it’s okay to not have a dream, why you shouldn’t seek happiness, and why you should be hard on your own opinions. And that you will one day die.

Contrast that to the typical nonsense you hear about how “you’ve gotta dream big” and seek happiness in all things, and never doubt yourself… pah! Tim’s presentation is music to my ears. And yours too.

In any event, the video is worth watching just for the expression on the professor/chancellor/dean’s face when Tim starts talking about assholes.

So if you’re looking for a fresh dose of inspiration, do check it out.

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