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Are you normal? No, really. Are you normal? [VIDEO]


I once gave some sage advice to a friend. Even if I do say so myself.

He was about to embark on, what many people thought to be, a crazy adventure. He had sold everything he owned and was moving to China, for no other reason than he wanted to. And, he wanted to learn to speak Mandarin, from scratch.

He asked me if he was crazy, if was he normal?

I replied, “If there isn’t a voice inside you yelling ‘what are you doing?’, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing.”

I’m chuffed to say I was right. He’s kicking goals in the Chinese start-up scene. His Mandarin is improving.

There are those who are ok with normal. There are those who are ok with the predictable, with what’s comfortable and with settling for what everyone else is doing.

Then, there are the rest of us. Those who cannot settle. Those who are forever seeking answers to questions, forever asking why and, why not.

While this may be just a car ad for Mini, it will bring a sly smile to those of us who are not ‘normal’, the ones who have chosen a different path.

Mini: Not normal

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