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Anthill’s definitive best (Go Ferris!) and worst (Oh, Elton?) of Super Bowl commercials 2012


Call it a cliche. Call it gratuitously opportunistic. Call it what you will.

But we know that whenever we run a post featuring a new, popular or funny commercial, your clicking fingers get awfully itchy. (Don’t deny it. We have the stats to prove it.)

So, here we are. And it’s Super Bowl week, the US advertising industry’s day to shine (or desperately cling to relevance). Hence, we bring you, the best and worst of the Super Bowl ads for 2012 (according to Anthill).

The Best

These were our faves, chosen by Anthill HQ’s patent pending dig-o-meter methodology.

Yes, these are the ads we dig.

Honda CRV with Matthew “Ferris” Broderick

Bueller? Bueller? We don’t care what anybody says. Ferris never gets old, even if they guy who played him does.

Best Buy’s phone innovators

How many of you thought “God, I wish I’d thought of that” as you watched this parade of successful inventors. And the “Words with Friends” punchline. Classic.

Audi vampire party

If only this scene could have happened in the “Twilight” series.

The Worst

Monkeys in suits? Random celebrities? The ‘New’ Pussycat Dolls? What were they thinking?

CareerBuilder.com’s business travel with monkeys

Primate co-workers? Really? Send this one back to the zoo.

Pepsi and the king’s court

Flavor Flav almost rescues a wooden Sir Reg from this excessively sequined period piece. Almost.

GoDaddy.com’s cloud

Stop, Daddy. Just … stop. And, oh, the New Pussycat Dolls?

Were the pole dancers from Al’s Pink Parts Palace already booked?

Actual product-sellers

These commercials did what commercials are supposed to do — clearly define the product and sell it. Easier said than done, apparently.

Budweiser — Return of the King

Samsung Galaxy

C’mon. The Darkness. The Darkness!

Bud Light — Weego the Rescue Dog

Stately Anthill Manor has secured the services of Weego for all future staff meetings and seminars. Details to come.