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An entrepreneur should think like a martian or, at the very least, a scientist [VIDEO]


This video, from the Sagan Series to promote science literacy, uses the wise words of physicist Richard Feynman to explain how every scientist and, every entrepreneur should think.

Feynman was an extraordinary genius. His so called effortless ability to understanding complex science was compared to Einstein.

However, he believed that everyone has the power to look at things a-new. That we should all think like a martian that has never seen every day things before. And, from there to inquire, to ask, to learn and study until we do understand and, potentially create something new.

He explains that it’s not enough to just know what something is called, you have to know about it. You have to study things, practice things, try things and learn all that you can about it. Only then, will you understand and be in a situation to do something different.

To think like a martian – it’s at the heart of every entrepreneur.


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