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America’s young scientist of the year tackles one of the top world problems: access to clean water


This remarkable 14 year old girl may prove one of the key solutions to one of the biggest challenges facing our planet: giving everyone access to clean drinking water.

It’s a simple problem and, her solution is simple and elegant.

It’s a solar powered jug that filters dirty water into clean, purified drinking water.

It’s genius stuff.

Deepika Kurup beat nine other contestants in the 3M sponsored event to find America’s best young scientist. She won $25,000 in prize money and the minds of the judging panel with her heart-felt insights into the plights of children drinking putrid water.

Her invention is cost effective, portable and sustainable. Her innovative solution to harness the power of solar energy to disinfect contaminated water (including that from oil spills), may just be the solution the world has been waiting for.

It’s not bad work for an ninth grader, is it?

Solar-powered jug purifies water designed by 14 year old scientist

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