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    A short apology. (Damn gremlins!)


    You may have noticed that on Tuesday we dispatched a promotional message from ANZ, featuring the merry greeting, “Happy Friday!” Our official policy is to send only one advertiser email per week (usually on Friday morning).

    However, as you might have already guessed, a gremlin slipped into our scheduling processes (obviously), causing us to send last week’s Friday email on Tuesday of this week. And it wasn’t the fluffy, singing Mogwai type either. No, it was a slimy, destructive, evil monster.

    It was not the same gremlin that has caused our website to be ‘slug slow‘ this last fortnight. However, we suspect that it might have been loosely related. (We have been working very late and snacking after midnight.)

    Because we have a future schedule of advertising clients to keep happy (after all, it is these wonderful companies that help keep Anthill free), you will have received another promotional message from us today, again with the same merry, albeit less surprising greeting, “Happy Friday”, this time from phone services provider Fonality.

    We hope that you will not be too put out by an additional advertising message this week. In fact, if you’d like to help us thwart some of the little monsters that effect all businesses from time to time, take a close look at the advertising offers that were sent to your inbox twice this week. (Yes, we have somehow managed to turn an apology into a third promotion. We’re incorrigible.)

    As we say, we try to keep our advertising emails relevant to our readers. And both of the email offers this week fit that mandate:

    • ANZ has created two free online business courses to help starting and growing businesses (i.e. Do you have an idea? andAre you starting a business?)
    • Fonality has launched a business phone package that starts at only $39 per desk (i.e. Plan, hardware, scalable deal – very appropriate if you are growing).

    Once again, we apologise for exceeding our official quota. While it’s our policy to email only one advertiser message or announcement per week, we hope that you will forgive us on this occasion. (Damn gremlins!)