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A kinder, gentler Bill Gates dishes on taxes, charity and… Steve Jobs?


We admit it still doesn’t sound right, hearing Microsoft founder Bill Gates talk like a mega-philanthropist and humanitarian. Which he is. Someday we’ll square the Mr. Bill of today to the soulless, monotone overlord of the Redmond empire that had the computing world wrapped in its chubby fingers.

Someday. Until then, enjoy about eight minutes of the modern, giving Gates as he talks to journalist Christiane Amanpour about taxing the rich, aiding the poor and reaching out to Third World nations. The interview took place just before the G-20 summit, where Gates was expected to implore the richest nations to help pull struggling countries out of the mire.

Gates fields the old question about entrepreneurship: He pushes for more funds for education, yet is himself a college dropout. As for his answer, well, see for yourself.

Amanpour also asks Gates about Steve Jobs, who had some scathing things to say about his rival in Jobs’ posthumous biography. The kinder, gentler Gates fields the question with characteristic aplomb.

Interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates

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