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How much did Google earn in the last second? How about Facebook? [VIDEO GRAPHIC]


This is a nifty little display of tech company wealth, developed by World Pay Zinc, a secure chip and pin provider in the U.K.

There are two things to note about this graphic.

Firstly, Twitter isn’t playing the same game as Apple, Google and Facebook. It’s still running at a loss.

Secondly, this graphic has gone, dare I say it, viral. It is getting World Pay Zinc a lot of coverage in all kinds of media, all around the world. And, you know what? It has nothing to do with spruiking what the company actually does.

But, it is remarkable. This is how to get media coverage – do something remarkable. Even if it’s not core to your business, you will be noted for it.

Turning a profit – how quickly do tech companies build wealth?

Click image to open interactive version (via WorldPay Zinc).

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