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Cardboard boxes – the best possible way to stimulate your imagination [VIDEO]


It’s been a big year for vending machines. And, it’s also been a big year for cardboard boxes.

You’ve seen what one boy, Caine Monroy, did with cardboard boxes. He is one of the true digital superstars of 2012. His creativity and genuine entrepreneurial spirit has inspired many this year.

This year has also shown us that it’s possible to create a rideable bike out of cardboard. A cardboard laptop was used to explain the finer points of integrated advertising.

See, it’s been a big year in cardboard and vending machines.

I have been known to rage against buying cardboard playhouses for children – the ones in a shape of a pirate ship or a princess castle. Surely, having a child turn the cardboard box into what they want to play with is more important than assembling a pre-cut, pre-printed, pre-designed playhouse?

It seems the Chicago Children’s Museum and I agree. In this video the Museum opened a store selling nothing but flat-packed cardboard boxes. Parents initially seemed confused but eventually it’s the children who realise the potential of an empty cardboard box.

Reminiscent of the classic Mastercard ad, sometimes the box a gift comes in, is indeed, priceless.

Chicago Children’s Museum opens a very unique toy store

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