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Playing ping pong with nunchucks. Now that takes focus! [VIDEO]


Did you fail to focus on what you needed to do today?

Well, here’s a video that will make you feel even worse about your ability to focus. Yes, that’s right. At Anthill, we’re here to help.

It’s a simple as this: Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks. No, really.

Lee, renowned for his extraordinary skill and focus, really makes this task look easy.

This video was used by Nokia in 2008 to promote its then latest slide phone, the N96. By most accounts the phone was a bit rubbish, and didn’t make a dent in the sales of the original iPhone.

The original footage of Lee was shot in the 1960s, long before CGI and photoshopping was around to tweak images. This is the real deal.

Bruce Lee plays ping pong with nunchucks

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