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67 persuasive words and phrases to help you close your next sale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Closing a sale is all about persuasion.
Of course, you need to have a worthy product or service first. Explaining your product or service clearly will educate and inform, but not sell. Simply listing product features will never cut it – at some point, you have to persuade the person to buy.
But how do you persuade someone to convert? By using persuasive language and psychology to convince someone to take action.
GetCRM has put together an infographic which covers over 60 persuasive techniques and languages to help you make the sale. These techniques include:
  • Telling a story.
  • Keeping your communication short and simple.
  • Being conversational and using human language that people can relate to, not industry jargon.
  • Using social proof to establish credibility.
  • Conveying scarcity or exclusivity to build urgency.
  • And more.
Persuading someone to do anything is difficult, let alone convincing them to buy, but these tactics should help you be more persuasive.
In fact, the very language you use will impact how persuasive you are. Try to be intentional about using second person pronouns that describe the person you’re speaking to, rather than self-centric pronouns that talk about yourself.
Using cause and effect words can help you be more persuasive as well. For example, words like:
  • Because.
  • Due to.
  • Since.
  • Then.
  • Etc.
These words will help clearly tie important benefits to your product or service in the minds of customers.
Check out the infographic below to learn more about the various persuasive techniques and languages you can use to close that important sale.