3 simple steps to getting a meeting with just about any CEO [VIDEO]

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3 simple steps to getting a meeting with just about any CEO [VIDEO]

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We’ve already brought you the chestnut of wisdom that is the Gaddie Pitch. Now, here are the three simple steps to securing a meeting with just about anyone you want to do business with.

We know it works because, well, Antony Gaddie used it to get a meeting with our very own Mr James Tuckerman.

Just how easy can it be to secure a meeting with the CEO of a company, or any of the key decision makers? In this video, Gaddie explains the tactic he used to secure a meeting with the CEO of Pacific Dunlop, and ultimately secure $28 million in business.

His three steps are very simple:

  1. Be different. We’re always going on about being remarkable. This applies to getting the attention of others as well.
  2. Offer the promise of value. Don’t be different just for the sake of it. Show that you have something to offer that is of value.
  3. Be genuine. This actually isn’t a game. So, be genuine and deliver on being different and valuable.

However, it’s in the execution where you can really make an impact.

How to get a meeting with anyone

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Riley James
Riley James

Well the Gaddie pitch works, so I'm keen to try this too.  I'm struggling to get any traction with the staff and large companies I need to be talking too.  Email seems to be too easy to ignore..