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Three email marketing recipe secrets you really need to know


As the Internet has become a commonplace communication tool, it has also grown into the most important channel for business marketing in the modern age.

There are many strategies used to promote a variety of products and services, but there are certain methods that have proved to be more effective than others.

If you hire a digital marketing agency, their expertise will ensure you make the most out of modern marketing methods.

But, this is not always a viable option when starting a new small business. In this article we will discuss email marketing and all the essential basics you need to know before implementing an email marketing campaign for your business.

1. Purchased lists and organic lists

The main ingredient for email marketing success is to have a large database of email addresses from individuals who genuinely want to know about your products or services.

One way to attain a list with valuable prospects is to create a newsletter subscription service for your website and start writing quality articles and blog content. By publishing great content you will attract people to your site, and they will subscribe if they find value in what they are reading. This is the perfect way to build an email list for your business.

If you purchase a list from another source, there is the chance that these people are not interested in your particular products or services, even if they come from a targeted email list for the same industry that you work within.

You will have a lot more success by taking the time to build a quality list than by buying one. While you might attain a few clients via purchased lists, it’s worth investing time in a more effective, organic list.

2. Quality of content over quantity

Some people post content three or more times a day, because they believe that this will speed up the organic list building process.

The truth is that even if you have nothing but excellent content to offer, you still need to allow your readers time between posts. It is ideal if you can create original, high quality content on a daily basis, but if you feel like some of the content you produce is not up to scratch, you should refrain from posting it – even if this means waiting a few days before posting again.

When you post for the sake of posting, you risk losing potential new subscribers and driving current readers away. Bad posts that look rushed and uninspired are never beneficial for your marketing strategy. People will dismiss you as a respectable source of information if you consistently produce substandard content.

3. Analyse your current mailing list results

Having thousands of newsletter subscribers is of little value if the email open rate is low. It is important to consistently check your metrics and tweak email titles in order to encourage subscribers to open your emails. It is also worth taking into consideration that a number of subscribers may never even see your emails due to spam filters.

Always stay on top of the situation, analyse your metrics, and find new ways to increase your conversation rate.

These are the essential basics of email marketing that you need to know before getting started with your own email marketing campaign. If you are consistent with your efforts and create high-caliber content, you are likely to achieve great results.

You can also hire a digital agency to assist you with your email marketing campaign, as well as any additional online marketing.

The key to success is to continuously remain competitive amongst all the digital noise.

Kirti Ramani is an SEO Specialist at Online Circle Digital, a digital agency in Melbourne and Sydney. The agency has experience in digital strategy and execution, online reputation management, crisis mitigation, and online research and monitoring.