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1986 called. It wants its jeans and haircut back. One family’s adventure into a low tech life [VIDEO]


Let me first be upfront about this. Not a lot of interesting stuff happened in 1986.
I know. I was there.

The year itself started on a Wednesday. I never could get the hang of Wednesdays.

One single memory of 1986 sums up the year for me. I was at boarding school and given no option about watching the Royal wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. It was compulsory viewing. See, I am scarred for a reason.

It was the year that Lady Gaga, Rafael Nadal, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lana Del Ray and Usain Bolt were born.

It’s also the year that this Canadian family have chosen to embrace on a year long experiment. They are trying to live like it’s 1986 — no smart phones, no DVD players and certainly no in-house internet.

I went tech free for 10 days a few months ago while travelling. It was bliss. How would I go for a year, especially if I had to wear late 80s clothes and sport a mullet? My guess is, not so good.

This video shows just how quickly our lives have changed in a mere 27 years. The video is on a loop but listening to the reasons behind this social experience is interesting, to say the least.

Hat tip to Pauly Ting for the video.

Canadian family lives like it’s 1986